Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I officially hate Lionbrand.

Whew. It seems like a long time since I blogged, and it's only been--what, four days? Wow, I got a lot done in four days.

The main thing I've been working on is the *SUPERSECRETPROJECT* I've been making for Mutti's Mother's Day (my mom..."Mutti" is the German verison of "Mommy"...yeah, I'm a freak, but Mutti sounds cute). It's an aromic sleepmask, you know, one of those masks you put around your head to fall asleep? Yeah, it's cute, and easy to make. I learned how to purl, increase and decrease during the project. Things are looking good.

I'm making it using some really cheap Vanna White Lionbrand yarn, in a self-striping violet color. My sister and I both went to the store, and I was broke, so I promised my little sis that if she pays for the yarn and needles I'll sign her name on the project too. She was all for it--so I spotted some really nice bamboo needles and was like "PLEASE KATIE PLEASE LET ME HAVE THEM!"...and so, the story of how I snagged a pair of lovely bamboo knitting needles Size 6 out of the deal.

Anyway, it's been really warm here (which we deserve--we got 101.5 inches of snow this year. Think that's fun? It's not. Wisconsin sucks, trust me) so I've been knitting at the park and getting all these weird stares from parents and kids. OHMYGODLOOKAKNITTERSTAYAWAYSTAYAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Obsessive, rich, preppy mother, what do you think I'm going to do? Stab your kids with the needles? Puh-lease. Knitting isn't really as dangerous as it looks.

I was halfway through the backside of the sleepmask (which was a pattern I got off of Lionbrand, did I mention that?) and ran into a problem. The pattern is screwed up. Seriously, tell me if this sounds screwed up or not:

Cast on 20 stitches. Do 22 rows of sockinette. Then--
K12 K2tog K1

Um, excuse me, Lionbrand? 12+1 is NOT equal to 20.
Oh, and Lionbrand's curtly reply? "The pattern is correct."
Uh, NO. It took me a while, but there were some really helpful people on Ravelry that told me, basically, Lionbrand's screwed up and to never trust their patterns. I rewrote the pattern and finished the second half. I'm now waiting to block them and sew them up, and then I'll have the pics.

Next up is a small pouch to carry Mom's chapstick in, because she just so happens to lose them all the time. It's for her B-day, which is May 31st. Yeah, it just so happens that her b-day fell two weeks after Mother's Day--so that gives me less time to make something for her. But I don't mind.

So there you have it. Four days in the life of Becky and her knitting adventures.

Oh, and that HP bookmark? Forget about it--I won't be finishing it anytime soon. Too many other projects (SECRET projects--I'll mention them later) to worry about.

Au revoir.

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