Friday, June 27, 2008

3-Week Hiatus

Hello world. I just got back Wednesday from Business World Camp--basically, a business/economics camp for teens (nerd camp, woot!) held at St. Norbert's College in Wisconsin. It was four-days long and was a great way to get to know what college life will be like. We got to eat in the union cafeteria, find our way around the campus and stay in the dorms with random roommates (mine was lousy...I won't get into details, but she didn't go to any of the classes on the third day and almost got kicked out because she spent the night in the boy's dorm building. Okay, then.) In four-days, I don't think I missed much back at home.

I do know that my 14-yr-old sis logged on my HSKS5 swap account and posted a completely bizarre, random entry on my Daisy Finnigan account that I deleted--seriously, don't know why she would even think about logging onto my account. We have the same passwords for every website we belong to, so it obviously wasn't hard for her to get on it--but, dude! WHY?

Which brings me to the topic of this post. I'm leaving to be a CIT at camp on Sunday. A 3-week camp. I WILL GET INTERNET ACCESS every few days or so using the camp computers, so I can keep up with the swap I'm in and still post to my HSKS5 blog. I'm also coming home on the weekends. But I won't have time for Ravelry, Facebook or this blog--sniff!

Don't worry, I'll have all sorts of knitting goodies to show you when I get back. Stay tuned--see you July 21st!

(and, random, but I get back from camp on the same day that HP and the Deathly Hallows came out ONE YEAR AGO--isn't that crazy?!?!?! It's been one year already, dudes! At least there's Twilight to look forward to. Breaking Dawn will be coming out a week or so after I get back--YAY!)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Summer Update

Ack, who came up with the bright idea to assign us an essay over the SUMMER? My brain is in summer mode, not school mode. I can't write an essay with my brain in summer mode. The worst part is that it's due not the day we return to school, but in the middle of the summer. We have to drive over to school, drop off the assignment by my new English teacher's door, and leave. Sigh.

The real reason I'm posting is because I finally can show you the hats!

See? That's what I've been doing all these days! Making those acrylic, easy hats for my Gold Award! I have 14 now (not all of them are in the pic) so...a lot more to go. I'm getting help from community knitters, friends, family and church though, so I won't have to make all of them myself. It's still a lot, though. I doubt I'll knit another hat in my life once this project is done.

I also won't be able to post again until next Thursday or so. I'm going to a 4-day camp up near Green Bay, WI at St. Norbert's College. It's a "business camp"--me and other Wisconsin teens are coming up to learn about how to run your own business. We're competing for college scholarships. I'm pretty nervous. I leave on Sunday, gulp, and don't know anyone! Not even my roommate. I mean, that's going to be awkward, rooming with a random person for three nights that I've never met before in my life and never will meet again. Curse my friends for all being out of town...I miss them...

Oh, well. I can do this. Maybe I'll bring a hat to knit. I might look like World's Biggest Dork, but, hey, I'm never going to see these people again, why not?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Lazy, Crazy Days of Summer...

Okay, 12 hats done...lots more to go.

People are laughing at me out in cyberspace. I can hear them--"Becky, you can't knit all of those hats! You'll go crazy!"

I know. Which is why I'm not knitting all of them. I'm getting some help from family and friends, and already people in the neighborhood have stepped up. I really have to get working on the blog/webpage to direct them to...

I've been trying to get a picture of my beautiful hats up for the past hour or so, but the camera isn't working (big surprise...this happens at least once a week, doesn't it?) so it'll have to wait. Again.

What else have I been doing this week? Well...
  • My spoilee for HSKS5 recieved the package I sent! She also chose me for a Random Act of Kindness, which involves TWILIGHT! I'll explain more on my character blog once I get to it.
  • I finished all the required summer reading books for next year's honor English class. Now to move on to the essays I have to write and AP Euro...
  • My little sister is done with school! Since we go to different schools, she got out a full two weeks later than me, but now she's done! She's had her "8th grade graduation" (oooh, the drama) and went to a waterpark for a last-day of school fieldtrip. If only we did that in high school. So now she's home with me and I get to watch her during the day, even though she's more than capable of watching herself at that age.
  • I'm trying to transulate the Avatar 4-Nation crochet charts to knitting, and will hopefully start on a blanket that mimics the awesome-ness that is this. Although that might take a long time...I might have to start teaching myself crochet and just follow the pattern. It would go a lot quicker.

Yes, it doesn't seem like much, but it's summer! What do you expect? I slept until 11:00 this morning--I don't think I've ever slept in that late! But it felt so good. It feels so good just to relax.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Gold Award!

YAY! My Girl Scout Gold Award was finally approved tonight! What does this mean? Basically, I'm going on a spree to knit 90-100 hats for tots/finding people to help knit. I will set everything up tomorrow--the blog, the Ravelry group, flyers for around town, everything. I'm so glad it's finally, finally approved!

So, expect more info tomorrow or later. In the meantime, I'm going to go research how I can get a domain name for free. See, my dad said he'd give me $100 if I can set up a website for his business. Obviously, I'm going to try--hey, more money for yarn! It'll go towards that new All-Teen Yarn Club on Ravelry or those Harry Potter Opal yarns coming out in the fall (though, I must say, they're pretty ugly. Not Harry Potter-ish at all. But, being the fan I am, of course I need to buy it all!)