Thursday, May 29, 2008

J'ai fini avec l'ecole pour le dix année!

I know I've said this a few times, but I truly am done with school. Done with finals, woot! They were getting so stressful towards the end, but I think I did okay.

IT'S SUMMER! Officially this time, because no more cramming! Like the new banner on top? My friends came to my house over the weekend for a "study fest" (like studying ever happened) and we doodled around with chalk for a while. Sadly, my friends are all talented artists and me? Not so much, lol. So I wrote my blog title in chalk and took a pic that is in dire need of a Photoshop treatment, once I get around to it. You should see the other things my friends drew! I took pictures of it all, which is good, as the rain completely washed it away later that night. I'll post it later. That along with my hat pictures--yes, I'll get to them! Someday!

So, what does summer mean? It means more time for reading, writing, knitting. I'm fairly busy, too--because I'm taking all these AP courses next year I have so many summer assignments to get done. And my dad and I are taking a "College Road Trip" on Monday, to Notre Dame in Ohio. Then we might stop to a few colleges in Indiana, drive all the way back to Milwaukee to see Marquette--yeah, I know, madness. I have a week-long camp at St. Norberts College in the middle of June to learn about business (hey, it was basically free through school, and it does sound kind of fun), my library assistant job again like last summer, and camp counsular at the way end of July/August.

Then school starts again around August 25th. But I won't even THINK of that yet.

I promise I'll try to gear this blog toward knitting again, and stop with my insane ramblings. But I just don't have anything cool to show, besides the hats, and other secret stuff ;)

And, truthfully? I feel so relieved right now. Three months of calmness, peacefulness. Three months of sleeping in. Three long months. YES!

Friday, May 23, 2008

School is OUT!

I can't believe it. I remember the first day of school way back last August, thinking, "Oh, god--we have 180 more days of this to go. 9 LONG months to go." And here we are, the end of May--and it's OVER.

Well, I still have finals next week, which I'm studying for, but I'm trying not to let that dampen my mood.

I haven't been posting or knitting very much lately (besides for my HSKS 5 spoilee) due to the stress the teachers have been pushing on us. You'd think that they'd lighten up due to school ending, but NO. They realize how much they still have to teach us and speed it all up a notch. But it's all behind us now--almost. Finals are the last hurdles to jump over, and then it's summer.

So until next Thursday, when I'm OFFICALLY done with all the tests, I'll probably take a little hiatus from the internet. So sorry about that, but I have the rest of the summer to post more regularly and knit.

The seniors are graduating TONIGHT. We already got to see them in their nice caps and gowns. All I think about is that 2 more years from now, I'll be in their shoes. Isn't that crazy? I thought high school would take forever to complete, but I'm already halfway through it. Life is crazy.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Recycling, woohoo!

If you asked me last year where I would be in one year, it would not involve cutting up plastic bags to make yarn.

I was bored, okay? I had nothing to knit, and learned that you could make yarn out of plastic grocery bags, so of course I wanted to try it. I actually have a pretty sizable ball of yarn/plastic, now. And it's recycling! People here in liberal Madison, WI REALLY love to recycle. You always see people walking into the grocery stores with their own fabric grocery bags. I really want to make a grocery bag out of the plastic yarn shreads--it would be great.

Walmart bags work the best, you see. They're perfectly flat and square. And the bottom even says "Please recycle" or something. See? They would be happy that I'm reusing their bags for my own yarny use.

Okay, short, pointless blog entry, I know. But I really have to get going and study. I just wanted to catch the world up with the amazing that is recycled plastic yarn =)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Trials of the Week

Well, it's been an interesting week.
Like breaking my ARM.

Okay, I didn't BREAK it, but sprained it pretty badly. It's in a brace-thing right now. See, I was rushing down the stairs, slipped five steps from the ground, hit my elbow on the banister and fell head first to the floor. It wasn't pretty. My parents were sure something was wrong with it, so they took me to the ER where I got some X-rays done and, what do you know? I sprained it.

It doesn't really hurt anymore, though. At least I can knit and type. That's all I care about. And it's my right arm in a brace, and I'm left-handed, so I can write as well. It's all good. It's the first real injury I've ever had--never broken anything, never gotten stitches. So I guess I was due for something dramatic to happen.

I got a lot of knitting done--so far I have 7 hats for my Gold Award project. I should post a pic soon, but they all look the same, and not-so-interesting. I also started my HSKS5 kit, and have a lot done. Lost proves to be the perfect knitting atmosphere--between my "OMGs!" I knit like a manic, nervous about what's going to happen next. And no Lost for two weeks--sniff.

I finished Eclipse! Now I can say that I am just like all other normal teenage girls and have read the complete Twilight series.

Ahh, have to run off to school. But it's Friday! Woo-hoo!

Monday, May 12, 2008

"Tuan Jim" is No More

And we're DONE with Lord Jim. YES. There is justice in the world. 9 more days of school. 8 more days of Brit Lit. Yes...I can do this!

So I caved and started to study/CRAM for finals over the weekend. I hate being the obnoxious know-it-all girl who obsess over her grades, but it'll all help me in the long run. Two more years of high school, then hopefully I'll get into Marquette or UW Madison, and take Pre Med or try for a doctorate in Physical Therapy, and then it's all good.

...can you tell I had a meeting with my counselor today? Yep, one of those "Mandatory Sophomore Meetings".

"So, what are your plans for the future, Rebecca?"
I want to live on a farm, get a flock of sheep and spin/dye my own wool. Then I want to open a knitting store and sell my products to EVERYONE!

Okay, just kidding. My parents say I've wanted to be a doctor since preschool when I was given those toy doctor-sets and used the little plastic stethoscope whenever I could. And I really think that it would be a good job for me. Keep me busy, around kids (I love kids! Seriously!) and it pays well. And, according to my counselor, I'm on the right track.

And rambling about my life to complete strangers. O-kay then.
No knitting to show today. We were assigned partners for HSKS5 and I spent a few hours yesterday planning for my partner's kit. I'm so excited (and that's the billionth time I've said it). And the ULTRASECRETPROJECT is almost ready to show. It involves hats (LOTS), the Girl Scout Gold Award, and of course knitting. Put them together and you've got my project, though I'll get everything together and official by June 1st (SCHOOL WILL BE OUT! YES!)

Other news:
*My favorite ship is dead. See, Nickelodean has screwed its Avatar fans so many times, but that's another blog post. This time they released a novelized verison of THE FREAKIN SERIES FINALE about, oh...2 MONTHS BEFORE IT PREMIERES ON TV. I know, smart. So it's been confirmed by other LJ-ers that Katara is with Aang, and Zuko with Mai--NO ZUTARA! So sad.

*...BUT my little sis finally picked up Final Fantasy X again and defeated the boss she's been stuck on since Jan. The Seymour in Belleve, with the Mortibody, and--yeah. Just take my word for it, it looked hard. So we got to see the amazing preeeettttyyy cut scene with Yuna and Tidus in state-of-the-art CGI (well, the CGI was good back in 2001). Yeah, they kiss in the sparkly pond-lake thing, and the Japanese music plays in the background, and it's SO CUTE! Take my word for it, even if you don't understand this at all. At least one of my pairings comes true.

*Eclipse is addicting. I can't believe I still have 200 pages left. I should be reading rather than blogging! Yeah, I used to think that Jacob belonged with Bella, because Edward is way overprotective, but Jacob is starting to get on my nerves. He kissed Bella, even when she tried to pull away (I mean, come on, he's a werewolf, he's stronger than her) and didn't care when she punched him in the face. So Edward has gone to the top of my list of hot guys. I mean, he always was on the list, but he's surpassed Jacob by now.

So there you have it. My past few days in a nutshell.
Now Eclipse sounds good to me.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Fridays Rock.

It's the WEEKEND. I have 10 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL! Well, plus finals...I'm not even thinking about those yet. This is the probably the last fun weekend I get this year before I go into super-studying mode. Sigh.

Here's an FO to show to whoever's out there on the Web:

It's an airplane washcloth-thingie for Dad for Father's Day. See, my dad is a pilot for American Airlines. He flies planes for a living (duh) so of course I had to make a father's day present for him incorporating this love of his. The pic makes it look all bumpy (trust me)--I blocked it and it looks much better.

It was my first time with seed stitch/making designs out of the purls and stitches, so cut me some slack!

I think I'm going to try to do something like this with Avatar: The Last Airbender emblems. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just ignore this. It'll be a while before I do any of that--I must do the ULTRASECRETPROJECT first. And get assigned my partner for HSKS5, making him/her an amazing bag/needlecase/diary/whatever they want. And make my sis that Zelda scarf I promised her I would make once she finished Twilight Princess.

Yeah, I'm going to be busy knitting for a while. The good thing is, I'm done making presents for everyone--the next big gift-giving event is my Dad's B-day in September, which is a whole summer away.

Oh, no. I almost forgot. I should probably make Katie something for her 8th grade graduation. Oh...snap.

Nevermind. I'll be knitting forever. Not that I mind knitting for others, really. It actually makes me feel like I'm not wasting time when I should be reading Lord Jim for school/the Sparknotes for Lord Jim (worst freaking book EVER, not even joking--I'm reading Eclipse on the side, which is only 200 times better).

Tomorrow I'll also get some time in for knitting, during the 1.5 hour car ride to Milwaukee--3 hours there and back. I might get a whole hat done in that time. Sweet.

Screw finals. I have two weeks before I have to worry about them.

And, trust me. This time next week you'll be getting a VERY different reaction from me about the whole thing. Think very spazzy. Because then I'll only have ONE week till finals. Who wins at procrastinating? Moi.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Shameless Plug for HSKS5

There's still room left to join! Sign-ups go until the end of the week! If you love HP and you love to knit, this is a no-brainer--JOIN!
I'm so excited (I mean, come on--I've posted about my excitement for the swap at least five times now). You get to play through the duration of the swap as a Hogwarts student. You set up a character blog, get sorted into a house, get to chat with your housemates and even play Quidditch trivia games. There's also all new stuff in store for HSKS5--SPEW, DA, Dueling Club, etc. It isn't just your average swap, that's for sure.
My character blog is all set up at, and I've been sorted into Ravenclaw (YES!) Check it out!
There's also more info on the actual swap website (one more time for good measure)
So go and JOIN!!!!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008


My spoiler is going to read this and think I'm a total spazz case. Yes, I am.

But I'm so happy! I got into HSKS5 as a RAVENCLAW! See, there were 18 returning Ravenclaws signed up. It was announced that there would be a limit 0f 25 people per house, so I knew I needed to hurry. At around 10:30 my time, the form was put online and I filled it out SO quickly I probably screwed something up by accident. I went to bed after that, and when I woke up I went right onto Ravelry where it said basically "Ravenclaw has been closed to 20 people because we're evening out the playing field".

So I'm like "Oh, no! That means only two newbies got into Ravenclaw. I SO did not get in." So I look up the actual HSKS5 blog, look under Hufflepuff (my 2nd choice) and don't see my name there.

Huh. So I look under Ravenclaw and there I am! Daisy Finnigan, my pseudo-Potter-name!

HUZZAH! See, typing at a WPM of 110 and being the fastest typer in my class of 2010 DOES have it's advantages. Or I just got lucky.

Either way, I'm estatic. Today's a day off, so I'm rushing off to do homework, but I set up my Potter blog quickly:

Now I just have to wait till Monday, where we start getting assigned partners...this is so AWESOME!