Saturday, April 12, 2008

I be sick.

I'm always sick, it seems. Some virius is going around--my mom has the stomach flu, sister and dad have a BAD cold like me, and all my friends seem to catching the same thing as well. It's not fun, as you can imagine. pics of the scarf today. Maybe later, when I feel like getting up from the couch. Instead, I'm content by doing homework and reading New Moon. And starting a new knitting project!

I drove to our Michaels and bought the laceweight, DMC thread needed to make one of those super-uber awesome Harry Potter bookscarfs! Only the thing is, Michaels doesn't have size 0 DPNS. So I've spent the past week going to LYS after LYS looking for a set and finally found some nice aluminum ones.

Little did I know how freaking hard knitting with DPNs would be. And size 0, come doesn't even feel like knitting anymore! The needles are WAYYYYYYY too small.

Oh well. I'll work on it. A few more tries and I'll hopefully get it.

Until I get better, see ya.

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