Thursday, May 29, 2008

J'ai fini avec l'ecole pour le dix année!

I know I've said this a few times, but I truly am done with school. Done with finals, woot! They were getting so stressful towards the end, but I think I did okay.

IT'S SUMMER! Officially this time, because no more cramming! Like the new banner on top? My friends came to my house over the weekend for a "study fest" (like studying ever happened) and we doodled around with chalk for a while. Sadly, my friends are all talented artists and me? Not so much, lol. So I wrote my blog title in chalk and took a pic that is in dire need of a Photoshop treatment, once I get around to it. You should see the other things my friends drew! I took pictures of it all, which is good, as the rain completely washed it away later that night. I'll post it later. That along with my hat pictures--yes, I'll get to them! Someday!

So, what does summer mean? It means more time for reading, writing, knitting. I'm fairly busy, too--because I'm taking all these AP courses next year I have so many summer assignments to get done. And my dad and I are taking a "College Road Trip" on Monday, to Notre Dame in Ohio. Then we might stop to a few colleges in Indiana, drive all the way back to Milwaukee to see Marquette--yeah, I know, madness. I have a week-long camp at St. Norberts College in the middle of June to learn about business (hey, it was basically free through school, and it does sound kind of fun), my library assistant job again like last summer, and camp counsular at the way end of July/August.

Then school starts again around August 25th. But I won't even THINK of that yet.

I promise I'll try to gear this blog toward knitting again, and stop with my insane ramblings. But I just don't have anything cool to show, besides the hats, and other secret stuff ;)

And, truthfully? I feel so relieved right now. Three months of calmness, peacefulness. Three months of sleeping in. Three long months. YES!


Anonymous said...

just browsing blogs & I came across yours...
I think you'd wanna know that it's "j'ai fini", and not "je suis finir".
it's not that for two reasons:
"je suis fini" means "i am dead", and I'm sure you don't mean you're dead with school, and secondly, finir isn't conjugated au passe!

Becky G. said...

Thanks--I'll go change it right now!

I've been out of school for three weeks and I've already forgotten all of my french XD