Monday, May 5, 2008

Shameless Plug for HSKS5

There's still room left to join! Sign-ups go until the end of the week! If you love HP and you love to knit, this is a no-brainer--JOIN!
I'm so excited (I mean, come on--I've posted about my excitement for the swap at least five times now). You get to play through the duration of the swap as a Hogwarts student. You set up a character blog, get sorted into a house, get to chat with your housemates and even play Quidditch trivia games. There's also all new stuff in store for HSKS5--SPEW, DA, Dueling Club, etc. It isn't just your average swap, that's for sure.
My character blog is all set up at, and I've been sorted into Ravenclaw (YES!) Check it out!
There's also more info on the actual swap website (one more time for good measure)
So go and JOIN!!!!!!

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