Friday, May 2, 2008


My spoiler is going to read this and think I'm a total spazz case. Yes, I am.

But I'm so happy! I got into HSKS5 as a RAVENCLAW! See, there were 18 returning Ravenclaws signed up. It was announced that there would be a limit 0f 25 people per house, so I knew I needed to hurry. At around 10:30 my time, the form was put online and I filled it out SO quickly I probably screwed something up by accident. I went to bed after that, and when I woke up I went right onto Ravelry where it said basically "Ravenclaw has been closed to 20 people because we're evening out the playing field".

So I'm like "Oh, no! That means only two newbies got into Ravenclaw. I SO did not get in." So I look up the actual HSKS5 blog, look under Hufflepuff (my 2nd choice) and don't see my name there.

Huh. So I look under Ravenclaw and there I am! Daisy Finnigan, my pseudo-Potter-name!

HUZZAH! See, typing at a WPM of 110 and being the fastest typer in my class of 2010 DOES have it's advantages. Or I just got lucky.

Either way, I'm estatic. Today's a day off, so I'm rushing off to do homework, but I set up my Potter blog quickly:

Now I just have to wait till Monday, where we start getting assigned partners...this is so AWESOME!

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