Friday, May 16, 2008

Trials of the Week

Well, it's been an interesting week.
Like breaking my ARM.

Okay, I didn't BREAK it, but sprained it pretty badly. It's in a brace-thing right now. See, I was rushing down the stairs, slipped five steps from the ground, hit my elbow on the banister and fell head first to the floor. It wasn't pretty. My parents were sure something was wrong with it, so they took me to the ER where I got some X-rays done and, what do you know? I sprained it.

It doesn't really hurt anymore, though. At least I can knit and type. That's all I care about. And it's my right arm in a brace, and I'm left-handed, so I can write as well. It's all good. It's the first real injury I've ever had--never broken anything, never gotten stitches. So I guess I was due for something dramatic to happen.

I got a lot of knitting done--so far I have 7 hats for my Gold Award project. I should post a pic soon, but they all look the same, and not-so-interesting. I also started my HSKS5 kit, and have a lot done. Lost proves to be the perfect knitting atmosphere--between my "OMGs!" I knit like a manic, nervous about what's going to happen next. And no Lost for two weeks--sniff.

I finished Eclipse! Now I can say that I am just like all other normal teenage girls and have read the complete Twilight series.

Ahh, have to run off to school. But it's Friday! Woo-hoo!

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