Monday, May 12, 2008

"Tuan Jim" is No More

And we're DONE with Lord Jim. YES. There is justice in the world. 9 more days of school. 8 more days of Brit Lit. Yes...I can do this!

So I caved and started to study/CRAM for finals over the weekend. I hate being the obnoxious know-it-all girl who obsess over her grades, but it'll all help me in the long run. Two more years of high school, then hopefully I'll get into Marquette or UW Madison, and take Pre Med or try for a doctorate in Physical Therapy, and then it's all good.

...can you tell I had a meeting with my counselor today? Yep, one of those "Mandatory Sophomore Meetings".

"So, what are your plans for the future, Rebecca?"
I want to live on a farm, get a flock of sheep and spin/dye my own wool. Then I want to open a knitting store and sell my products to EVERYONE!

Okay, just kidding. My parents say I've wanted to be a doctor since preschool when I was given those toy doctor-sets and used the little plastic stethoscope whenever I could. And I really think that it would be a good job for me. Keep me busy, around kids (I love kids! Seriously!) and it pays well. And, according to my counselor, I'm on the right track.

And rambling about my life to complete strangers. O-kay then.
No knitting to show today. We were assigned partners for HSKS5 and I spent a few hours yesterday planning for my partner's kit. I'm so excited (and that's the billionth time I've said it). And the ULTRASECRETPROJECT is almost ready to show. It involves hats (LOTS), the Girl Scout Gold Award, and of course knitting. Put them together and you've got my project, though I'll get everything together and official by June 1st (SCHOOL WILL BE OUT! YES!)

Other news:
*My favorite ship is dead. See, Nickelodean has screwed its Avatar fans so many times, but that's another blog post. This time they released a novelized verison of THE FREAKIN SERIES FINALE about, oh...2 MONTHS BEFORE IT PREMIERES ON TV. I know, smart. So it's been confirmed by other LJ-ers that Katara is with Aang, and Zuko with Mai--NO ZUTARA! So sad.

*...BUT my little sis finally picked up Final Fantasy X again and defeated the boss she's been stuck on since Jan. The Seymour in Belleve, with the Mortibody, and--yeah. Just take my word for it, it looked hard. So we got to see the amazing preeeettttyyy cut scene with Yuna and Tidus in state-of-the-art CGI (well, the CGI was good back in 2001). Yeah, they kiss in the sparkly pond-lake thing, and the Japanese music plays in the background, and it's SO CUTE! Take my word for it, even if you don't understand this at all. At least one of my pairings comes true.

*Eclipse is addicting. I can't believe I still have 200 pages left. I should be reading rather than blogging! Yeah, I used to think that Jacob belonged with Bella, because Edward is way overprotective, but Jacob is starting to get on my nerves. He kissed Bella, even when she tried to pull away (I mean, come on, he's a werewolf, he's stronger than her) and didn't care when she punched him in the face. So Edward has gone to the top of my list of hot guys. I mean, he always was on the list, but he's surpassed Jacob by now.

So there you have it. My past few days in a nutshell.
Now Eclipse sounds good to me.

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