Friday, June 27, 2008

3-Week Hiatus

Hello world. I just got back Wednesday from Business World Camp--basically, a business/economics camp for teens (nerd camp, woot!) held at St. Norbert's College in Wisconsin. It was four-days long and was a great way to get to know what college life will be like. We got to eat in the union cafeteria, find our way around the campus and stay in the dorms with random roommates (mine was lousy...I won't get into details, but she didn't go to any of the classes on the third day and almost got kicked out because she spent the night in the boy's dorm building. Okay, then.) In four-days, I don't think I missed much back at home.

I do know that my 14-yr-old sis logged on my HSKS5 swap account and posted a completely bizarre, random entry on my Daisy Finnigan account that I deleted--seriously, don't know why she would even think about logging onto my account. We have the same passwords for every website we belong to, so it obviously wasn't hard for her to get on it--but, dude! WHY?

Which brings me to the topic of this post. I'm leaving to be a CIT at camp on Sunday. A 3-week camp. I WILL GET INTERNET ACCESS every few days or so using the camp computers, so I can keep up with the swap I'm in and still post to my HSKS5 blog. I'm also coming home on the weekends. But I won't have time for Ravelry, Facebook or this blog--sniff!

Don't worry, I'll have all sorts of knitting goodies to show you when I get back. Stay tuned--see you July 21st!

(and, random, but I get back from camp on the same day that HP and the Deathly Hallows came out ONE YEAR AGO--isn't that crazy?!?!?! It's been one year already, dudes! At least there's Twilight to look forward to. Breaking Dawn will be coming out a week or so after I get back--YAY!)

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