Saturday, March 29, 2008

Update on the 'Puffed Scarf

Note to self: for next birthday, ask the 'rents for either one of these amazing stitch markers:

Aren't they so cute? I'm getting so bored of going around and around and AROUND my scarf seeing the same ol' little pink ring. I need to jazz up my markers a bit!

I haven't had any time for blogging in the past for weeks or so (family chaos and matters--NOT good) but I have found some time for knitting! Today I've knitted two stripes on my Hufflepuff Scarf, so I have a grand total of (drumroll please) 13 STRIPES! Only 6 more to go...6 more to go...

...OMG. I'm so sick of it. I've been doing the same stitch, over and over again, for...*checks calculator* 21, 840 stitches. OH MY GOD that's a lot. No wonder my fingers are sore. No one told me this knitting thing would be painful...

I would have pics up, but the little sis lost the digital camera cord (just like she lost her Nintendo DS cord, and cell phone cord, and video camera cord...seriously, we shouldn't even trust her with technology anymore) so no pics :(. Don't worry, you wouldn't be missing anything. The scarf doesn't really look interesting, being all twisted completely. It's going to need a lot of blocking when it's done.

I'm on Ravelry, now! I HAVE to integrate my posts over to my profile on there, but if only I could figure how. My username is "Rocketknitter", and I have so much stuff in my queue, it's insane. Oh well...I'm off to add even more!

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