Monday, March 17, 2008

Le Nouvelle Blog

So this is it! New blog, all set-up, which was one of my goals for this spring break. I plan on integrating it with Ravelry (which I just got my invitation for, yay!) and also reviewing the books I've been reading this year.

I've spent most of the vacation down here in Kansas City with my grandparents, away from a decent internet connection, so this gives me plenty of time to knit! My first REAL project is a Harry Potter Hufflepuff scarf, styled from the first two movies. I thought it would be easy to start out with. I'm working with circular needles for the first time, and it's SO NICE to simply knit-knit-knit to create the stockinette stitch--no purling involved! I love it.

However, it's taking me FOREVER to knit this thing. At least, it seems that way. Each stripe is 24 rounds of 70 stitches, and the whole thing is 19 stripes. I have about 8 of the stripes done, so I'm not even halfway through! Oh well. I still think it was a good first project to choose. I'll try to get a WIP pic up as soon as I get back home.

I should probably get back to reading Pride and Prejudice, which I have to finish for my Brit Lit class by, oh,'s actually enjoyable, surprisingly. Probably the first book on the class reading list I can actually stand!

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