Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Be Realistic!"

I'm not a very realistic person, as you can tell from my last post.

When I wanted to take 9 full classes this coming year and skip my lunch in order to fit it all in? It took my dad to tell me "Becky, be realistic--do you really want to go through the whole year with no lunch?" And now I have 8 full classes plus a lunch period, thank god.

When I wanted to go to a 7 week session of camp this summer, doing the CIT 1 and CIT 2 program in one summer (which is pretty much unheard of), only having one day of rest in between the sessions, it took my mom to go "Becky, be realistic--do you want to spend 7 out of 9 weeks of your summer sleeping on a cot in a tent?" And so I did 3 weeks of camp, finishing up the CIT 1 program.

So it took my 14-year-old sister to tell me "What the heck Becky? You're going to knit a hat every single day plus a scarf? BE REALISTIC!"

Yep. I am going to be realistic and change my plans for the Ravelympics. Along with doing the Scarf Stroke, I want to do one other event--either the Sock Put or the Amiguri + Toys Toss. Since I have a billion sets of DPNS now (thank you Grandma!) I can do any of them pretty cheaply without having to go drive a half an hour away for more needles.

If I do the Toy Toss, I'm going to make an Elephant "Elefante" for...someone...I don't who yet.

If I do the Sock Put, I'll probably make some cozy house socks.

So, what will it be? No idea yet. Well, I've still got, what, 8 days? 10 days? Plenty of time left!

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